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a Fresh Start.. and a puppy 3/26/12

Olive is 1/2 Pom 1/2 Shitz. THE best!
Welcome Olive Joy (or Olivina as I like to call her, hubby not so much). I am so grateful to have this new yummy muffin in our family, she is Osbourne's full blood sister and he LOVEsher!
Rest assured you will get updates on her cuteness just like I have and will continue to do for Osbourne.

AH!! A Spring Cleaned well Flowing Studio Again!
Over the past week I got to spend a bit of timereassessing my dreams & goals and exploring where my energy leaks are as well as what I needed to do to create much needed ME time, family time, down time, chill, do nothing time and PUPPY time!
2012 has been a packed year of opportunity and momentum for me. SO much that I never got to take a moment to really sit and revel in one accomplishment before another opportunity came my way taking me full speed ahead, and so on. (NOT complaining!)
SO I have decided to GIVE myself a break from a few things and focus on those "dangling participles"that keep nagging me like taxes, a disaster studio, loads of piled up laundry and, well, you get the point. I am also gifting myself with a workshop break in April so I can focus Heart & Soul on my Sweet Love Revival Retreat in April.
Last weekend I buckled down and as you can see, my studio is FLOWING!! Guess what this means?Because I have de-cluttered, organized and dusted away the bunnies I now have the space to not only create my art, meet with my clients via phone, and work but I now can Receive All the Abundance I have now made room for.Ahhhhh.

Now to Do What I LOVE To Do!!


5x5 Postcards. $4 each or 5 for $15

Journal SALE $12

Journal SALE $12

5x7 Prints $12
Will resume in May with Art Of Soldering 101 and a NEW Texture/Painting Class. Sneak peak is available under the workshop tab