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Begin Where You Are 3/19/2012

Just back from my favorite Women's Leadership Conference of the year, Ignite Your Spark, and I feel AMAZING! I am a BIG believer in attending Life & Soul Enriching Events, Investing In Myself and in building Tribes. I am very blessed to surround myself with global change makers, light workers, healers and architects of the spirit, mind, body. I have the greatest mentors, friends and teachers who show up big to the world and expect the same greatness from me. 
Here is My NEWest Tribe Girls Tiffany Rose(l) and Suzi Bleak(r) of The Real Woman Revolution. 
I am MESMerized by them.

I also LOVE to give surprises and was so excited to gift ALL 200+ attendees with some of my artful goodies in their bags. AND totally honored to gift one of my Spirit In Flight Dolls to the Spark Award Winner, Barbara Feaster(l). She won for her amazing dedication to the children in the Utah Foster Care System while her beautiful daughter was present to see this! WOW!

One of the artful goodies I gifted was my new 5x5 postcard of this original painting. Well, guess who just HAD to have the original painting?? YUP, that's Tiffany Petersen of The Lighthouse Principles     

This is a seriously BIG Deal.                                 
 She is not only a huge role model for me but literally changes the lives of business owners around the world...from her home office, where this beauty will hang. She reads "And She Discovered She Was the One She Was Waiting For All Of Her Life..She is Enough" 

I Witnessed incredible transformations occur, deep hidden sacred secrets be shared, and committments to begin living and thriving NOW. 
It is beautiful to see and funny how we find we are 
NOT Alone! 
There were common themes I heard women share again and again this weekend
  • Lack Of Self Love, Self Acceptance. I Am Not Enough. I am Scared to Shine My Light Brightly
  •  The Search Of Passion and Purpose. Something In Me Wants To Express 
  • A Strong Desire to Create The Life they Dream Of And Deserve. I Have No Idea How To Begin
  • Connection. I want a Tribe. I want to TRUST women.
Sound Familiar? 
The common thread is this. YOU are not alone! WE are are really not any diffrent then the next women. 

So I have some simple ideas
 of things you can do To Begin Where You Are now. 

1-1st off, take a Deep Breath and make a DECISON to BEGIN. 
Change Take a Decision and Takes Work. Change can (will) also be uncomfortable and scary at times. Be prepared and Be OPEN to the work and attention it takes. 
Know that FEAR can creep in, do it anyway.  
2- Sit in a quiet space and write down the things your heart really desires. 
If money, time, people etc were NOT obstacles. To get what you want you really have to have an idea of what you want. DREAM BIG, it's FUN!
3- Gratitudes. 5 a day WILL change your life. 
When you can notice the things you are grateful for now, simple things that make your world go around, you will open up the space for more things to be grateful for which will create a 
sense of abundance, joy and self worth.
IDEAS: Fresh brewed coffee in the morning, my perfect puppies, sprouting flowers, Modern Family, Hot Water
4- Find events that attract the kind of people you want to hang out with and then GO TO them!
Your Tribe cannot embrace you with open loving arms if you do know show up.  
5- INVEST in yourself. 
Attend classes and retreats or join programs geared at things to help you grow and inspire you. 
Get a massage and/or facial. A LIFE'S NECESSITY!
When you invest in yourself the WORLD will invest back into you!

Now HERE are ideas of things I CAN help you with on your journey! 
Creative Workshops. Come and Take A Class with me!! You will leave feeling creatively empowered, proud of your works of art and feeling pretty good hanging out with other cool creative gals...and creative wanna be's. 
No Experience Neccesarry.
Gift yourself with this weekend with me and my soul sister, Dawni. The amazing location and love infused food will be topped off with some incredibly fun, self loving activities that will open up your life to POSSIBILITY! 
Here is your chance to not only DREAM about your life but to CREATE it and then MANIFEST it! 
This is an investment that WILL change your life. 

have a BEAUTYfilled week Beautiful Girl

Love, Lauri 
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