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The Beauty Of What You Love~ 3/12/2012

Interesting how one of the oldest quotes in the world seems to be the reoccurring theme of my life! 

Rumi was one SMART guy! 

Me Being PRETTY Happy after another
 in my lap this month
It seems that with each month another Monumental Achievement or Opportunity comes my way, full speed. When I get done..or almost done with one there is my next dream waiting for me, typically better then what I envisioned, and again, full speed ahead I go, and again and again. 

The Universe has YET Again blessed me with even more proof that what I LOVE to do is exactly what I am HERE to do as I continue to stretch, challenge and grow myself as an Artist, Teacher and Creative Life Mentor. 

I am NOW an Official Licensed Artist To Be!! Clap Clap Clap!
I have signed (will be final this week) a contract with a fantastic agency, Sagebrush Fine Art, and they will be taking my work to a trade show in May! 
"What does this mean?"
well, it means that soon, very soon I hope, my work may very well be available to stores around the world on anything manufacturer's have the imagination for! Journals, Mugs, Wall Art, Boxes, Furniture, Jewelry, Clothing?? The possibilities are really endless. I will keep you updated but this is a long process and patience will be my virtue. 
SO Grateful the agency gets to do all the legwork so I can focus on all the other fun things I do! 
So now read on for NEW Shop Offerings, my Workshop, Life and Retreat schedule and the answer to my MOST Asked Question. "HOW......?"

NEW ITEMS To The Shop!
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March 22 6-9pm
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My Most Asked Question. HOW....?
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Where Is Lauri This Week? 
HERE! And you need to be too!
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Attention Utah Artists
Seeking talented, innovative Creative Teachers & Artists to add to my SOul UnLeashed Workshop Menu to teach at 
Fiore Studio!
Have you been wanting to teach your talents as you grow your audience & expand your creative business? 
If you are interested please READ

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