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New Studio, May Workshops = A Space Of Joy & Gratitude!

Friday night we had the Open House for our new studio and it was
With over 50 people in our sweet space through the night, the energy, excitement & support was powerful.
(Hate (not really) to brag about my tribe but WOWWY! ....WOW! They showed up big!)

So today I am in a deep space of gratitude for

Yup, dreams.
Without them, nothing really sensational or cool is possible!

Yes please, and thank you!

And that is where you, my sweet friend,
come in.
It is my Big Sweet Life Dream to have
Creative Play Time
with as many woman
as possible this year (like 1000) in my
don't forget Mothers Days! Gypsy Girl Collage Doll and Art Of Soldering 101 is Days Away!!

I am SO excited to fill my studio each workshop with students excited to create, learn, make friends and PLAY!

I invite you to check out my workshops for May and take advatage of my BFF Discounts for bringing a friend OR come SOLO!