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I asked myself that question about 5 years ago while listening to Oprah talk about her friendship with Gail and thought, WOW, I want that!

Yet.....I am a Kaleidoscope (description from a friend). I am full of colors, dimensions, personalities, interests and quirks. Could ONE BFF handle all of this? I think not.

I am girl who loves having many different kinds of friends so I like the idea of having LOTS of BFFs. I simply can’t choose one.

But where were they? And how in the world do I find them?

(Sneak Peak of the Answer revealed below: I asked!)

I had a group of fabulous friends back in my hometown. Friends I grew up with. Friends who supported me through my reckless and very confusing 20’s, divorce, single motherhood and the grief of it all. Today, in my 40's, they are still there, and we seamlessly come together even when not connecting for months, even years, at a time. That’s how you know you have a true friend.

BUT as an Artist with an Entrepreneurial Spirit living an hour away in a city very different than home, I felt completely ALONE! No one I knew was like ME! I was, simply put: TRIBELESS In The City!
So being a student of the Universal Principles I knew that if I wanted something I had to ASK for it and I had to be clear about what that looked and felt like for me. I simply ADORE woman and I am grateful daily to be one in this beautiful moment in time.

WE are changing the world and I wanted to be a part of that collective vibration of EMPOWERMENT and CHANGE! (pictured left is a emotional Tribal Moment I was honored to capture and witness. There is tremendous love and support for one girl in the middle here)

So off I went, creating my tribe in my head, my journal and my vision board. They where powerful woman in my community. Confident, authentic, driven and fearless. Entrepreneurs, smart and kind. Spiritual, non judgmental, supportive and FUN! We would have coffee dates, dinner parties and monthly brunches! They would teach me and I would teach them.
We would be SOUL SISTERS! (you can’t have too many of those, trust me!)

ALL of us, no exclusion, all accepted and all of us interconnected. LOTS of us! Well, that is what has happened and it happened FAST! Here is a picture of me and just a handful of my Tribe recently at Be The Change event in Orlando (2 DOZEN of us went!).

Don't forget MOTHERS DAY!

My workshops are THE perfect GIFT and time out with Mom!

Student RAVE: "I Love you! You will never know what going to your class has done for me. You are an incredible teacher, patient, authentic and so willing to share your knowledge and talents. I was terrified to take your class but you showed me that art has no rules or mistakes. I am a new person and I have you to thank!"