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This month I opened up my studio with my
Gypsy Girl ArtDoll workshop and it was a BLAST!
(so grateful for these gals pictured)

So, fun was had by all and the night was everything I had hoped for.
Music, Laughing, Glitter and Glue!
Lots of it!
And we ate cake too!

The night was not complete without my little muffin man, Osbourne (Ozzy)
(aka-cutest pup in the entire world!)
who is SO happy to be his momma’s ArtBoy and makes everyone smile!
He is happy to be a workshop regular and loves the studio

                                                     SO WHAT ARE YOU
I have spent years in my self journey discovering my
true purpose, joy and passion in life.
(everybody has them)
Through my years of being a professional artist, eventually leaping into teaching creativity workshops, I have learned that is where I am most

my most authentic, happy and organic self.

as we shed winter
 (spring in Utah has been a bit winter-esk)
and launch into a new glorious summer season I invite you to

ask yourself…

“What is my PASSION? “
and then go do and share it!
(be warned)
PASSION Is Contagious!

 as a Creative Soul Mentor I love sharing my
& assisting others to discover theirs creatively!

Choose from several of my monthly
Creative Workshops.
Perhaps PASSION awaits you.
Girls Time Out ROCKS!

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