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here's the diddy about me.. 

Photo by Jasmine Parker. Altering done by Me. 
ENJOY My BIG Story and NEVER never EVER let go of your dreams!
My name is Lauri Grimshaw~Cox aka ArtGirl. I am a Creative Entrepreneur, Mixed Media Artist and Life & Soul Coach~Mentor. 
I live in West Jordan, UTah (Salt Lake City).
I am passionate about inspiring and empowering women through creativity and am often honored to be at the beginning stages of a "woman in transition" and am dazzled by metomorphosis~ism. I am constantly seeking new opportunities to add to my own self growth and to the lives of other women and continually attract those like thinkers into my sacred space and personal journey.
Having many years of experience in the "show scene" and being represented in shops through wholesale, consignment & galleries, I have branded myself with a consistent recognizable style yet am continually evolving. I am asked often for advice and insight from many budding artists and sought after by beings desiring to live a more joyful and creative life.
My journey to make my living the "Creative Play Way" as a Thriving Creative Entrepreneur has not been quick, it has not been easy. My journey has simply been fueled by my pure passion and vision to live my life on purpose as a simple, conscious, growth seeking, creative being on a beautiful, confusing and difficult yet delicious spiritual path. 
This allowed me to gain incredible knowledge on life, pain, passion, healing, spirituality and joy allowing me to mentor others on theirs.
Never give up on your dreams. They are ALL yours girl! 

I can assure you that if you were not capable of achieving those dreams you would not have them.

Speaking of dreams, in 2011 I took a leap and opened up my super cute studio, Fiore, (flower in italian). Now I 
share this sweet little space with 3 other magical women. 
I offer monthly fun creative workshops called
SOul UnLeashed!” designed to teach simple and inexpensive techniques and projects that provide amazing treasures for your home or for gifts. I promise anyone can do them and they are the perfect Girls Time Out!
Through my workshops and gatherings I am always thrilled to be the connecting piece for the woman who come to my workshops alone and then leave as friends. I LOVE to create TRIBE. It is amazing to see what transpires with woman in my classes, the connections made, courage to be fearless and just play, and the pride they leave with warms my heart. It allows me to live my joy and fulfill my purpose.

I am also the creator of

As a Creative Life & Soul Mentor and Certified Life Visioning Expert I get to take Women.Artists.Dreamers through a powerful journey of discovery using a highly powerful process that changed my life. Through process you will reach a place of minute clarity of how you want to Live and Thrive in your most ideal life. 
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In 2012 I made another dream of mine come true!!                                 Sweet Love Revival was born and  I co-created an amazing Luxury weekend retreat at a beyond my dreams location. 
Check it out for the pictures on the Facebook Page. More speciality retreats coming up so join my mailing list up top to be the 1st to know.

I have been published in eLan Woman Magazine and Cloth Paper Scissors Magazines with upcoming publications coming in the future. 
I was honored to have my work featured in the 2011 St George Parade Of Homes to include my largest painting ever, a up-cycled chair, several Spirit In Fight Dolls and my beloved Boxes!
In 2012 I was, again, selected to have THREE Life Size Dolls and a few paintings featured in the 2012 St George Parade Of Home Parade Of Homes. Click HERE to see my 2012 album.
In January 2012 I sealed the deal to create massive momentum with my art business with my rockin and amazing Art Agent, Gina Jrel or Ms G as I call her. She is a girl with incredible moxie, wild talent and an extensive no nonsense outlook on life and business. She has given me TONS of opportunities that I am insanely grateful for.
In March of 2012 I signed on with my 1st licensing/publishing company, Sagebrush Fine Art. An exciting direction in my career and long time goal. I am open and excited for all the possibilities this will offer me. Awesome people to work with!
WOW I am SO blessed!
I am kindred spirit with many who adore and own my work locally and around the world. My thrill and reward comes from the reactions of people who embrace the work I create to the whimsical soul it tickles inside them.
My art contains oddness and magical whimsy combined with inspirational and empowering thoughts and appeals to little girls all the way to great grandmas. 
I have been honored to be in hundreds of boutiques, holiday shows and markets. I have been amazed to be represented along side remarkable artists in fine art shows such as Jackson Hole Arts Fair, West Coast Artists in Palm Springs, Art In Kayenta, Sundance Harvest Moon and Trails Village in NV. 
My work adorns the homes of many around the USA as well as in Switzerland, India, Sweden, Columbia, Moldova, Costa Rica, Australia and Poland.

Photo by Cat Palmer.
Altering By Me. 
Although a challenge at times, I embrace the imperfection and realism of life and allow myself to create imperfect and whimsical art which adds charm and organic originality to each piece I make.
I strive to live my bliss, my creativity allows me to live that and is play for me as I embrace the oddness's and whimsies of life that surround us and truly live my joy.
I invite you to do the same. 
                     Joyfully, Lauri

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